Noone remember the address of your website or email?

by · June 5, 2015


Surely you’ve been there. Despite all the force you have, with your brain set to the highest level of performance ever and half-hour meditation before, you just can not remember the email address of your friend or the beautiful girl from last saturday night. The reason why may be in your dissolute lifestyle or really difficult to remember e-mail or web address. Of course, I’m speaking from my own experience, as my private address contain 12 letters, two of which are doubled and .com on the end is just for fun, because I am sure that all other domains with my art name are available, too. To avoid my not very good example of how to do it, I will give you two advices so people will remember your address much easier.

Difference is certainly one of the main factor for easy and quick remembering. Of course there is no need to overdo and better way is to find the golden mean. There are new easy to remember generic domains on the market with high probability to find the right one for you unlike the already established domains such as .com, .org or .net.

Simplicity is possible thanks to the new top-level domains that arrived on the market recently. For example domains .guru, .email, .xyz, .club, .wtf, .link or .top. Now is the right time for your imagination to find the domain name that will serve you for many years.

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