Right time for .EU domain?

by · June 16, 2015


There is no need to wait another day

Just a few things show us sign of this era more than omnipresence of websites and e-mail addresses. Some are long, some are difficult to remember and some are funny and catchy. It wouldn‘t be right to think that if I can’t find the right country domain, I have no other chance to find it somewhere else. On today market you can choose from many national domains, as well as new generic ones. Somewhere between them is .EU domain and yes, right now you can have it for a year at a special price of 1.99€ (without VAT).

.EU vs national domains

Ordinary people can register .EU domains from the year 2006 and the main advantage against country domains is that you have big chance to find right one especially if you are interested in internationalized domain name to use your native alphabet. With .EU domain we provide DNSSEC to ensure that the information obtained through the DNS were complete and their integrity is not compromised during the connection (http://blog.exohosting.com/2015/06/dnssec/).

Who is it for?

Only people, organizations and companies from European Union (also Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland) can register .EU domain. The advantage for businesses is that you don‘t have to keep multiple domains in various language mutations so one .EU domain is enough. Interesting for ordinary people like us is that amount of the Slovak .EU domains is still very small in comparison with neighboring countries so you have a pretty decent chance to find an available .EU domain name.

Competition for .EU sites

EURid organizes the competition which is open to all websites with the .EU domain. If you think that your website is just something special, do not hesitate and sign in. The main prize is 5000€ credit for Adwords campaign. More information can be found here: http://webawards.eurid.eu/

Application stock prices

To apply a promotional price, do not forget to use this coupon in the order: 15IXB0YZX8. This offer is valid only until 31.8.2015.

Order .EU domain: https://www.exohosting.com/domains

.EU dmain

.EU domain

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