Using a blog to market your site

by · June 9, 2015


Blogging is still a very powerful online tool for business owners. However, combined with social media networking, blogging can be even more powerful for your company brand. You will be able to build solid relationships with your prospects and customers. This article tells you how.

In reality, a blog is similar to the conversation and active communication you would have with your prospects and customers if they entered your local brick and mortar store. Many business owners use blogs to inform customers and prospects of new inventory, upcoming sales, promotions, discounts and industry trends. Some blog owners will allow comments from their customers and prospects. This is valuable in providing feedback so that the business owners can make changes to suit the customer’s needs. You can also use information within the comments to handle complaints and provide additional support to your prospects and customers.

Social interaction

A blog helps you to build strong customer relationships. It is also a great tool to enhance and improve your company’s brand. The reputation of your brand is important in helping your potential customers to get to know about the business, your mission statement, your products and service as well as your intention.

With your blog, you can engage in social interaction with your customers by inviting them to become part of your Twitter, Facebook and other social media networking profile. This will increase your fan base and following.

Once you post daily content that will prove valuable to your readers, it will create a notification to your followers by way of your social media profile. Sharing this content is beneficial to you because the readers who find your content valuable will then share it with their fans and followers. This creates a viral effect on the Internet. Before you know it, more people are viewing your content, which will result in organic traffic and additional links to your website and blog. With this organic traffic, you will avoid penalties from Google for web spam. You will also be rewarded with higher placement in the search engines because the search engines love fresh content.

How to start

Begin by setting up a blog on WordPress (Our webhosting products offer one click installer). You should then follow this with creating profiles on each of these prominent social media sites:

·         Pinterest

·         Google+

·         Facebook

·         Linkedin

·         Twitter

Now each time that you post something on your blog, you should update it on your social media profile page. It takes little time, for example, to send a Tweet with the blog post link or a status change on your Facebook page. This notifies your followers that you have fresh content. If your followers love your blog posts, they will be inclined to readily ‘like,’ it or ‘retweet’ it.

You can use your social media networking capabilities to provide coupons, run promotions and offer discounts to your prospects. You can conduct surveys to get input from prospects. Make sure you have an RSS feed on your blog to attract new subscribers for follow up email promotions and announcements.


Make sure that your daily blog posts are keyword-specific so that you can target the right audience. It is not useful to have good content geared towards the wrong set of prospects. Once each month, create a hot topic, which will be your link bait posts. This will generate a buzz around the Internet and possibly become viral – sparking hot discussions among your peers, customers and prospects. You owe it to your blog visitors to have a blog that can ignite conversation and provide valuable information. Doing so will improve your brand and provide an opportunity to serve your customers well.

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